Semi-Privacy Picket Fencing

Our bestselling ‘Fitzroy’ PVC semi-privacy fencing offers you safety and security and features classic lines with a sleek design.

This style will provide privacy while allowing light and airflow through discretely spaced gaps between the pickets. Our fence panels are fully customisable and will add protection, beauty and style to your home.

Each panel is 2400mm wide with a 127 x 127mm post and designer cap (an additional post will be needed at the end of each fence run). Semi-privacy fences are available in heights ranging from 900mm to 1800mm measured from the bottom of the bottom rail to the top of the top rail (other heights available on request).

As with all our styles, our Fitzroy semi-privacy fencing has accompanying matching style gates and slider options.

Our display photo shows the Pillar Solar Light post top accessory but comes standard with New England cap


Panel Specifications

* 2400mm wide
* 1800mm from bottom of bottom rail to top of top rail.
* 2400mm high post (127mm x 127mm) with New England cap (additional post required at end of fence run)
* Bottom rail 152.4 x 50.8mm with aluminium insert for strength
* Top rail 88.5mm x 50mm
* 22 pickets 22.2mm x 76.2mm (56mm spacing) – option for closer spacing of pickets for more privacy if required.

* drawings are indicative of styles only.

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