PVC Fencing Queensland is the new business name for the already well established Equine Solutions Australia. 

Equine Solutions has been the leading supplier of premium Endurance PVC fencing in Queensland, with our PVC Post & Rail and PVC dressage arenas widely installed by many members of the equine industry.  In recent years, domestic use of our full-privacy and picket style fences has grown dramatically, as builders, landscapers and fencing contractors have come to see the benefits of this long-lasting, easy to install product.

Our warehouse and display are conveniently located in the regional transport hub of Toowoomba, Queensland.  We are 100% Australian owned and operated and have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

Why Choose PVC Fencing?


PVC is the perfect economic choice due to its longevity and ease of maintenance.

Easy Installation

Our fencing components are pre-routered and cut to size, allowing simple DIY installation by homeowners and a quick and easy job for contractors.

Flawless Finish

Our fences are manufactured using a superior grade of non-chalking titanium dioxide and ultraviolet inhibitors to protect the PVC from harmful UV rays. Your fence won’t yellow, and just requires a seasonal wash to maintain its stunning finish.

Low Maintenance

PVC won’t crack or discolour, rot, splinter, flake or peel and is easy to clean and never needs painting.

Non Toxic

PVC fencing is an environmentally safe material, manufactured without toxins. By its nature, PVC is impervious to termites so doesn’t’ need to be treated with chemicals like timber. PVC has a smooth, non-porous surface with no sharp edges, splinters or nails.

Termite Resistant

PVC is impervious to termites.


Better suited to horses than wire, timber or steel alone, our reinforced and toughened PVC fencing provides strength and safety, with enough flexibility to prevent serious injury to your valued equine companions.

Fast Delivery

Our warehouse is located in Toowoomba, Queensland with easy access to major transport services. We have a large quantity of stock on hand and can send your delivery within 24 hours of receiving your order.


Our PVC fencing is beautifully detailed with precision jointing, discreet fastening and an incredible flawless white finish.  When comparing PVC fencing with other fencing products, the lifespan and easy maintainability of the product means it is second to none.  Although the initial outlay may be slightly higher than timber or steel – the economic benefit of not having to replace or repaint sections will mean you will recoup those initial costs several times over.

Our high-quality PVC fencing is:

• Strong yet flexible
• Easy to install – there is no nailing, welding or painting needed
• Easy to clean and maintain with only a seasonal wash recommended.
• Panels will not rot, chip, flake or peel

PVC Fencing Queensland’s fencing systems are easy to install for DIY and contractors alike. You won’t require any fancy equipment, most of your supplies will be found in your garage/shed…

• Measuring tape
• Stringline
• Level
• Spray-paint can
• Shovel and/or post-hole digger
• Concrete for posts

Our install guide can be provided on request and we are happy to provide advice to you or your contractor.


PVC fences sold by PVC Fencing Queensland are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Warranties are subject to application and eligibility. Please contact us for further information.